SV Summerville


Summerville is the head cinema of creative people, bon vivants, free thinkers and dreamers, summer fans and blissful people jumping through the sand, gin lovers and connoisseurs!                                

True to the motto: It’s always summer somewhere in the world! begins the story of Summerville. The simple, minimalist gin with a particularly fruity, berry note. Summerville feels like a vacation: La dolce vita! A dream that the Lebanese-born and Summerville creator Ralph Cremona has been looking for since childhood and which he has made come true with his gin creation. Here in “Summerville” it is summer all year round. Summerville is a “place” where friends meet, have fun and dance barefoot in the sand. People flirt and laugh here, pure joie de vivre. Summerville is a beat in your ears. Community develops with Summerville, because Summerville connects. The city dweller flees the hectic pace on his dream vacation, the country dweller soaks up the urban note. And they all have one thing in common: joy, freedom, the pure lifestyle.

What is SV Summerville?

Summerville Gin is Germany’s best gin. The international jury of the World Gin Awards 2021 selected this gin as the winner in the “Contemporary Style Gin” category. It is celebrated as a new discovery on the German gin market. Summerville has a hint of cardamom and white pepper with a gentle note of orange peel. According to the international jury, there is a perfect balance of sweetish, cinnamon-like taste in the finish.

This composition makes this german gin a unique taste experience and stimulates all the senses. Summerville has personality, speaks and stands out.

SV Summerville logo

Here is summer, here is Summerville! Funky, crazy, sexy.

One thing is clear from the look: Ralph Cremona put a lot of thought into the design of his logo. The look is lively and colorful. The cultures that inspired Cremona in his life merge here – Lebanon, USA, Saudi Arabia, France. The logo stands for his motto: It’s always summer somewhere!

Various stories from Ralph’s life can be found on the label. The love for aesthetics, the blaze of colors of the Orient and in the corner, almost overlooked, a little guy – funky, crazy, sexy. This is how he sees himself. As a lover of freedom between cultures, with his own Summerville, his own dream in mind.